Get More Done: 3 free apps and sites I use to make myself more productive

Working from home means that I am surrounded by distractions all the time and there is no one to tell me to get back to work except my partner (who is usually the one distracting me in the first place). Of all the (many, many) sites, apps and productivity aids I’ve used to try and …


Use Your Voice

This blog is mostly about writing, not politics.  I'm saying that now so that you know I'm not going to make a habit of this.  There is a pretty important election on tomorrow though (you may have heard about it?), and I wanted to mark the occasion. I'm not going to urge you to go …

Writing Practise: 92% of a Sestina

When I set time aside to actually practise my writing, I consciously try to experiment, to play around with different styles, approaches, genres and tones. It's an attempt to broaden my repertoire, flex my creative muscles, and learn new ways of writing well.