Shepherd Books Article!

The cover of Inscape by Louise Carey

Last month, I wrote a book list for Shepherd Books on some of my favourite British dystopias. It was published today, and it's here if you want to read it: A note for readers in the UK: some of the buy links in the article won't work for you. If you want to buy …


OUTCAST Cover Reveal!

I'm so happy to finally be able to share the cover for #Outcast! I loved writing this sequel to #Inscape: it really raises the stakes and opens up the world of the first book, and this cover captures that perfectly. Outcast will be hitting bookshops on 20th January 2022, and you can pre-order it at …

Inscape Cover Reveal!!!

The cover of Inscape by Louise Carey

Isn't it beautiful? I loved this cover art as soon as I saw it - it captures the atmosphere of the book perfectly! I'm very excited to finally be able to share it. Inscape is now available to pre-order!

A joint statement from Louise, Linda and Mike Carey on ChiZine Publications

The recent revelations concerning ChiZine have shocked and saddened us. We’ve collectively decided not to have any dealings with ChiZine going forward, and we’ve refused to renew their licence to publish the two novels we wrote for them, meaning the rights have now reverted to us. For the record, we believe the very credible accusations …

Use Your Voice

This blog is mostly about writing, not politics.  I'm saying that now so that you know I'm not going to make a habit of this.  There is a pretty important election on tomorrow though (you may have heard about it?), and I wanted to mark the occasion. I'm not going to urge you to go …

Writing Practise: 92% of a Sestina

When I set time aside to actually practise my writing, I consciously try to experiment, to play around with different styles, approaches, genres and tones. It's an attempt to broaden my repertoire, flex my creative muscles, and learn new ways of writing well.