Louise Carey is a fantasy and science-fiction author.

Her debut trilogy of novels starts with Inscape (Gollancz, Jan 21, 2021): ‘A propulsive thriller… with great twists and reversals’ (4 stars – SFX).

She has co-written two fantasy novels, The City of Silk and Steel and The House of War and Witness (Gollancz), as well as a graphic novel, Confessions of a Blabbermouth (DC Comics).

She also writes for the Dungeons & Dragons blog Tabletop Tales, which she runs with her partner, Camden.

When she’s not writing, Louise can usually be found playing board games, reading horror, or DMing for a group of rowdy but well-intentioned adventurers.
She’s repped by Meg Davis of Ki Agency.


OUTCAST Cover Reveal!

I’m so happy to finally be able to share the cover for #Outcast! I loved writing this sequel to #Inscape: it really raises the stakes and opens up the world of the first book, and this cover captures that perfectly. Outcast will be hitting bookshops on 20th January 2022, and you can pre-order it at …

Inscape Cover Reveal!!!

Isn’t it beautiful? I loved this cover art as soon as I saw it – it captures the atmosphere of the book perfectly! I’m very excited to finally be able to share it. Inscape is now available to pre-order!