A photograph of Louise Carey
Photo credit: Rebecca Banks

Louise Carey is a fantasy and science-fiction author.

She has co-written two novels, The City of Silk and Steel and The House of War and Witness (published by Gollancz in the UK and ChiZine Publications in the US & Canada), as well as a graphic novel, Confessions of a Blabbermouth.

She co-runs the Dungeons & Dragons blog Tabletop Tales and has recently finished her first solo novel.

When she’s not writing, Louise can usually be found playing board games, reading horror, or DMing for a group of rowdy but well-intentioned adventurers.
She’s repped by Meg Davis of Ki Agency.



Use Your Voice

This blog is mostly about writing, not politics.  I’m saying that now so that you know I’m not going to make a habit of this.  There is a pretty important election on tomorrow though (you may have heard about it?), and I wanted to mark the occasion. I’m not going to urge you to go …